LP : The Abstract Escape – 2016

Pavillon 666 : 9/10

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Death Rethoric : 7.5/10

The running concept of traversing into the mind of a “devastated and broken human being” certainly is fitting for the death/doom on display. Lying Figures captures that mindset and more on The Abstract Escape, an album that bears all of the tortured, dreary hallmarks we’ve come to expect from the style’s leaders.

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The very positive thing about ‘The Abstract Escape‘ is that every track has its own identity. There is no repetitive monotony. The blending of death and doom metal unfolds differently in every track. There are theatrical moments like in ‘Monologue Of A Sick Brain‘. There are pure doom depressive moments like in ‘The Mirror‘. There is also the track ‘Remove The Black‘ which perhaps on the contrary of its title has a blackened death metal technique.

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The Abstract Escape’ is undeniably impressive: slick, assured, coherent and dynamic, and setting some clear space between Lying Figures and their core influences. Mission certainly accomplished, on that score.

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EP : A world of my own – 2014 
11219634_911637365560500_4926028147397522775_n 8/10

Putting all those together, ‘A World Of My Own’ offers decent variety over the course of its short instrumental opener plus five full-length tracks. Leading in with a couple of pacy tracks, ‘Taste Of Ignorance’ and ‘Nightmare (It Will Come)’, which primarily reaffirm the band’s outright Death/Doom credentials, the remainder of the EP develops more of their evolved Gothic/melodic style as it goes on: ‘Until It Ends’, the sublime misery of ‘Of All The Western Stars’, and the almost-Draconian conclusion of ‘Angels Of Mercy’ demonstrating a burgeoning compositional maturity. Presented as it is with a nice, crisp and distinct mix, there’s nothing to fault it on technically.

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Apochs Metal Review: 7/10

Lying Figures incorporates the gloomy gothic atmospheres of early Lacrimas Profundere with infectious Amorphis, Sentenced, and even Moonspell-like overtones that are as soothing as they can be dismal and depressing. If you get the chance to check out A World of My Own, or Lying Figures in general, than one should definitely do so.

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Pavillon 666: 10/10

Ce premier essai physique est une réelle mine d’or. LYING FIGURES signe là un EP totalement réussi , mature et bien travaillé, nous plongeant dans l’ambiance dès le début et nous déconnectant définitivement lors de ce final grandiose. Que dire à part ça ? Je vais donc m’empresser d’étudier d’un peu plus près la scène underground Doom/Death, parce que vu les pépites qu’on y déniche, il y a du potentiel !

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 Heavy Sound Webzine: 8/10

Ce EP est un nouveau pas en avant dans la bonne direction. Et le fait que nous puissions placer de sérieux espoirs en LYING FIGURES est désormais une évidence.

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Doomed To Darkness:

Lying Figures  plays a  style  of  doom/death  metal  that  is very  melodic  and  atmospheric  and  also  stays away from  keyboards  and  violins  to  create more  of  a  heavy  sound,  the  production sounds  very  professional  for  being a  self  released  recording  while the lyrics  cover  dark and  melancholic  themes.

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Metallian N°88


 Metal Temple: 8/10

Here, the weight and harsh tunes of Doom Death Metal meets with the elegance of Gothic influences on their music. It’s slow, heavy and bitter, but with very good beautiful Gothic moments.

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From nowhere to nothing – 2013


French Metal:

Heavy Sound Webzine:,a3717608.html

Aux Portes Du Metal: 12/20



Apochs Metal Review:

 Doom To Darkness: